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Thank you for your generosity in supporting the vision of WHCC towards Transforming Generations! As of March 2016, we only have one fund, where all gifts go towards funding the whole mission of the church. For more information on how your gifts are being stewarded, please visit www.whcchome.org/en/financial for the latest financial reports and updates.

PLEASE NOTE: The ability to use ACH from your bank account is defaulted to checking accounts. If you would like to use your savings account, please contact the Treasury department at treasury@whcchome.org before giving to ensure your gift is received correctly. Thank you!

感謝您為了實現教會「承先啟後」異象的忠心奉獻。自2016年3月起,教會把所有奉獻均放入「經常基金」(one fund),用以支持全教會的各項事工。如果您想了解所作奉獻是如何發揮功用的,請訪問www.whcchome.org/en/financial ,即可獲取教會最新的財務報名及財務狀況的及時更新。

請注意:如果您使用銀行直接轉帳功能(ACH)來奉獻,我們默認您的銀行帳戶為支票帳戶(checking account)。 如果您想使用儲蓄賬戶(savings account),請在奉獻之前聯繫財務部treasury@whcchome.org,以確保教會可以收到您的奉獻。 謝謝!

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