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Manage Recurring Giving

Please enter the information in the required fields' below and press Submit in order to find your record in the WHCC database. Once you complete this process, a one-use link will be sent to the email address on your record. Use that link to finish setting up your recurring giving.

If you have a TouchPoint Username and Password, you can Login with an Account.

If you have any problems or questions, please call 713-935-9422 or email treasurer@whcchome.org to speak to someone in our Finance Office.




1. Enter the dollar amounts beside each fund to which you want to contribute.

2. Select the frequency of your contributions.

3. Select the date on which you want the donations to begin (it must be after today's date).

4. Enter you bank routing number and your checking account number (if you need help knowing where the find this, please refer to the link indicated). Please note that if you need to use a savings account number, please contact treasury@whcchome.org FIRST before proceeding - we have to add a setting before your gift will go through.

5. Press Submit to complete the process.

1. 處輸入您的奉獻金額

2. 選擇奉獻的次數

3. 選擇開始奉獻的日期(必需是今天以後的日期)

4. 輸入銀行交換碼(routing number)及支票號(checking account number) (點選此處了解何為「銀行交換碼」及「支票號」)。

5. 點選「Submit」,完成全部設定。

West Houston Chinese Church | 713.935.9422 | questions@whcchome.org